The Total Phenolic Compounds and Antioxidant Activity of Atriplex Nummularia Leaves’ Extract

Mellal Tahar , Labani Abderrahmane , Rechache Mustapha , Bouchentouf Salim , Terras Mohamed


In the present study, four fractions were prepared from leaves extract of Atriplex nummularia. This study aimed to determine  TPP (total polyphenols), FLV (flavonoids) and CT (condensed tannins) on one hand and on the other hand, to  evaluate the antiradical activity of the hydroalcoholic and aqueous fractions by four different methods including: DPPH test (2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazil), FRAP test (antioxidant activity by the iron reduction method), BCB test (β-carotene bleaching), and TAC test (antioxidant capacity) total) by the phosphomolybdate method. High levels of total polyphenols and condensed tannins were found in F/DieEA (23,437 ± 0.251mgGEA/gE), and F/DcmEA (17,251 ± 0.354mgCE/gE), respectively. Therefore, flavonoid levels F/DieEA and F/DcmEA were almost identical (9.515 ± 0.277 mgQE/gE), (9.238 ± 0.119 mgQE/gE). The F/DcmEA  showed an interesting and significant antioxidant activity in all tests as the other F/DieEA, F/n-BUOH, F/aqueous represented the activity of trapping the free radical DPPH of C50 = (3.073 ± 0.088mg/ml), a reducing power of iron (433.55 ± 24.36mgQE/gE), and a total antioxidant capacity of the Mo (VI) reduction test of (20.28 ± 1.96mgEAG/gE), and the determination of IC50 of β-carotene bleaching (0.92 ± 0.0175mg/ml).