Assessment of Saudi people’s Knowledge about Hypothyroidism Treatment Usage

Fayez Saud Alreshidi , Nahlah Fahad Alreshidi , Saleh Hadi Alharbi , Ghaida Mohammed Alahmadi , Majed Akram Alghassab , Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed


Background: As adjusting the treatment dose for hypothyroidism based on several factors requiring continuous rigorous assessment, the current study aimed to assess of Saudi people’s knowledge about hypothyroidism treatment usage. Methodology: This is a cross-sectional study, piloted in Hail Region, Northern Saudi Arabia. In this study, 900 respondents were randomly involved in the study irrespective of their age, sex, or other demographical characteristics. Results: The present study investigated 900 participants of whom 272/900(30.2%) were patients with hypothyroidism. Of the 900 participants, 730/900 (81%) were females and 170/900 (19%) were males, giving males’ females’ ration of 1.00: 4.29. of the 272 patients with hypothyroidism, 250/730 (34%) were females and 22/170 (13%) were males. Conclusion: Hypothyroidism is prevalent in Northern Saudi Arabia. Raising community awareness towards hypothyroidism is essential for better control of the diseases. Healthcare providers should inspire their patients to adjust the treatment does as prescribed without cessation.

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