Awareness Among Senior Medical Students at Taif University Regarding Patients' Rights

Alghumuy KhalafHelal Q., Algarni Ali Ghihan S.


Background: The increased recognition of patients' rights has been related to using fitness care offerings. Professionals, including future physicians, have been predicted to respect patients’ rights, however they have not been acquainted with the contents of the bills of rights or what they suggest. Objectives: To assess the awareness among senior medical students at Taif University regarding patients' rights. Subjects and methods: a cross-sectional study was established at the faculty of Medicine, Taif University, KSA. It included all the fifth and sixth -year medical students (200 males and 131 females) enrolled throughout the academic year 1439 H. A valid and reliable questionnaire that comprised of two sections was utilized. These two sections were socio-demographic variables and the awareness regarding the patients’ rights (30 statements). Results: Collectively, on a scale ranged between 0 and 30, the patients’ right score ranged between 14 and 30 (21.7±4.1). Among the studied factors, the only significant one was the academic performance of the students as the highest level of knowledge regarding the patients` rights was observed among the students with the excellent performance (mean rank was 246), p<0.001. Conclusion: The knowledge of the senior medical students at Taif University regarding the patients` rights was generally acceptable. A further educational intervention was recommended.