Bacterial Nano-polymer Production to Produce Edible Coating and Films

Eman A. Abdel Khafar , Doaa B. Darwish , Ghena M. Al-Jahani , Hosam El-Din Aboul Anean


This study was performed to evaluate the separation of cellular biopolymer production for batch fermentation of bacterial Acetobacter spp and Leuconostoc spp to produce edible film-forming suspension solution at different treatments B20%, C40%, D60% and E20%, F40% and G60% treatments loaded on CMC and control A0%. preparation of nano-polymer production to produce an edible film with a higher potential to carry active ingredients such as silver AgNo3, which was added with different concentrations of 0.25, 0.50, and 0.75% wt to the edible film. A study estimation of rheological properties of treatments and suspended solutions to determine the best ones for use in edible films and their application in food science were studied. The permeability, particle size, zeta potential, mechanical properties, and color were evaluated in addition to electron microscopy of the tested films. It was found that the best measurements were the film-forming nan emulsions solutions are decreased B20% 111.6 nm, E20% 262.0 nm then followed treatment C40% 571.0 nm and F40% 928.9 nm as compared to in edible films nano-polymer were A0% 1417nm. This bacterial biopolymer product produced in the production of nanoparticles is capable of forming films and coatings with valid fence properties versus the transport of gases such as color, oxygen, CO2, and water vapor. The elongation, tensile strength, solubility, and thickness are remarkable mechanical properties as tensile strength and elongation increase, % solubility with treatment B20%, C40% and D60% than in treatment E20%, F40%, and G60.

How to cite:
Abdel Khafar EA, Darwish DB, Al-Jahani GM, Anean HEA. Bacterial Nano-polymer Production to Produce Edible Coating and Films. Int J Pharm Res Allied Sci. 2022;11(2):13-23.
Abdel Khafar, E. A., Darwish, D. B., Al-Jahani, G. M., & Anean, H. E. A. (2022). Bacterial Nano-polymer Production to Produce Edible Coating and Films. International Journal Of Pharmaceutical Research And Allied Sciences, 11(2),13-23.