Biologically Active Complex for the Functional Support of the Connective Tissues: Scientific Rationale, Clinical Evidence


The prescription composition and the technology of a new type of specialized product - biologically active additive BAA have been scientifically grounded. The pharmacological properties and functional orientation of the active principles of the formulation components of the dietary supplements were studied, which made it possible to determine the quantitative and qualitative composition of the formulation which has a synergistic effect on metabolic processes in the presence of deforming osteoarthrosis: bamboo extract, glucosamine and chondroitin, aloe vera extracts, leaves and grape seeds, vitamin and mineral composition with green tea extract, and the antioxidant complex "Cifrol-5". A production technology providing high consumer performance for the developed product was approved. Clinical trials involving two groups of women aged 44-49 with deforming osteoarthritis of the knee joints confirmed the functional properties of the complex. The first group received the BAA, the second was a control group. Changes in the control indicators were registered after dietary therapy or in clinically significant periods of patient recovery. The control indicators were joint soreness, skin, hair, and nail condition, and the recovery time of postoperative sutures. The complex application of diet therapy and the basic treatment for dystrophic joint diseases and the rehabilitation measures of the postoperative period were shown to be effective. In patients, joint pain and pain index decreased, the fragility of nails and hair was reduced, the microcirculation of the nail bed improved, and the healing time of the surgical sutures decreased. The consistency of quality indicators and consumer performance was ensured by production certifications for the developed products within the requirements of international standards of the ISO 9001 and 22000 series and GMP rules.