Evaluation of Traits Affecting Yield and Components of Yield in Different Cultivars of Canola under Cold Climate Conditions

Zabihollah Mohammad Alipour , Behrouz Mir Darikvand


To investigate the yield of different cultivars of canola and selection of cultivars with high production and appropriate to cold areas of Lorestan Province, an experiment was carried out in a complete randomized block design with 13 cultivars and 4 lines and three replications in Biranshahr area of Khorramabad city in the crop year of 2017-2018. The results of the analysis of variance showed that plant height, number of siliques, number of seeds per silique, number of secondary branches, pod length, 1000-seed weight, and seed yield were significant in different cultivars of canola. Comparing of the means revealed that the highest yield with 4745 kg/ha belonged to Atura cultivar and the lowest yield with 2042 kg/ha belonged to Ahmadi cultivar. Out of 17 cultivars and lines of study, the cultivars and lines of Atura, X-Power, line 144, Brutus, line 1008, Nepton and Extertum had superior yield compared with other cultivars and lines. To assess the stability of these cultivars and lines in other areas, similar studies are recommended.

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