Investigating Economic and Clinical Implications of Tooth Implant Supported Prosthesis among Patients and Practitioners

Mohamed Tharwat Hamed , Hisham Abdullah Mously


The concept of dental implant is receiving more attention globally. Tooth implant is one of the most significant methods, which replaces the tooth in the natural way. Considering the economic and social factors, selection of appropriate treatment has now become difficult. Due to the use of different implant related materials, dental implant processes are found to be more cost-effective in comparison to the conventional methods. The study aims to systematically review previously done literature work and to analyze the association of economic and clinical implications of tooth implant support prosthesis (TISP). The current study has adopted qualitative secondary approach for data collection and analysis. The findings of this study showed evidence that tooth-implant prostheses are one of the efficient treating methods and has often undergone through failures due to different treatment factors. The study concluded that together with cost-effectiveness, the efficiency of treatment methods must be taken into consideration in the clinical practices.