Investigating the Causes and Effects of Alveolar Bone Loss and the Impact of Restoration Types; A Systematic Review Analysis

Mohamed Tharwat Hamed , Hisham Abdullah Mously


Alveolar bone loss has now been identified as a growing problem among various periodontal diseases. Several restoration methods are being adopted depending upon the type of periodontal diseases. The present study aimed to investigate different causes and effects of alveolar bone loss along with the impact of restoration types on alveolar bone loss. A systematic review approach is followed to propose results for the intended objectives. A total of 14 studies were selected based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria for systematic review analysis that falls in the duration between Jan 2000 to Jan 2019. Ovid database, EMBASE, and Web of Science were used to search the given studies. Keywords such as; prostheses or restoration, loss of alveolar bone and types of restoration, orthodontic tooth movement or alveolar ridge preservation were selected. The articles providing information about the preservation of alveolar bone in clinical context, periodontal health conditions, and bone density around implants were included in the review; whereas, the articles with abstracts only and the remodeling process of implants were excluded. The risk of biasness was analyzed through Cochrane Collaboration’s tool. Reasons such as overhang fillings, impact of statins, subgingival calculus, oxidative stress, etc. were identified. Besides, the given studies are significant in indicating the effectiveness of different restoration types. The study concluded that there is a need to provide clinical trials regarding the impact of restoration types and causes of alveolar bone loss.