Knowledge and Practices towards Breast Cancer Screening

Rania Mohammed Ahmed , Bahaaedin A.Elkhader , Wisal B Hassan , Mohamed Elsamani , Rana A. Eisa


Breast cancer screening programs may lead to a reduction of cancer mortality rates among women. In this study, knowledge, and attitude towards mammography and ultrasound (U/S) were evaluated among females living in the Taif region, Saudi Arabia. This examination was carried out using a well-structured electronic questionnaire from April to August 2020. A total number of 218 female applicants, aged in the range from 18 to 65 years old, participated in this investigation. The obtained data led to the following conclusions: 183 (83.95%) applicants had appropriate knowledge about mammography and U/S breast cancer screening tools and 86 (40.3%) advanced their knowledge levels through the use of social media. There was a significant correlation between good knowledge and the educational level of the participants (p=0.003). Regarding attitude and practices, 73.39% of the respondents have not had mammography or U/S experiences. Despite their good knowledge level, they justified their lack of experience through the following reasons: 59.5% did not have lump or pain, 14.19% were afraid of the results, and 11.49% were ashamed or afraid to perform it. This study implied the insufficient attitude of women about mammography and ultrasound. Accordingly, relevant educational programs are required to improve the practices of women towards breast cancer.

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Ahmed R M, A.Elkhader B, Hassan W B, Elsamani M, Eisa R A. Knowledge and Practices towards Breast Cancer Screening. Int j pharm res allied sci. 2021;10(2):21-8.
Ahmed, R. M., A.Elkhader, B., Hassan, W. B., Elsamani, M., & Eisa, R. A. (2021). Knowledge and Practices towards Breast Cancer Screening. International Journal Of Pharmaceutical Research And Allied Sciences, 10(2),21-28.