2023 Volume 12 Issue 1
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Literature Review on Diagnostic and Management Approach of Anodontia

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Pediatric dentistry includes key subspecialties that deal with the diagnosis and treatment of dental abnormalities. These diseases range from having no teeth at all (anodontia) to having more teeth than one would typically have (hyperdontia). When referring to missing or absent teeth, some people may use the term "agenesis," which is the inability of all or a portion of an organ to form during embryonic growth. Some kinds of dental agenesis can be catastrophic and debilitating, resulting in a poor quality of life, even if minor cases may not even be discovered until later in life. The Medline, Pubmed, Embase, NCBI, and Cochrane databases were searched for studies of patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Incidence, etiology, and management options were analyzed. When detected and diagnosed early on, anodontia, hypodontia, and oligodontia typically have favorable treatment results. Different prosthodontic and restorative treatments are available, depending on the amount and quantity of lost teeth. Since severe hypodontia is frequently accompanied by syndromes, treating the condition must often come before treating the dentition.

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Mady M, Arishi HA, AlOtaibi TN, AlFadhel AK, AlRajhi HM, Jaafari FA, et al. Literature Review on Diagnostic and Management Approach of Anodontia. Int J Pharm Res Allied Sci. 2023;12(1):106-9. https://doi.org/10.51847/MLRKb4kzVC
Mady, M., Arishi, H. A., AlOtaibi, T. N., AlFadhel, A. K., AlRajhi, H. M., Jaafari, F. A., Soliman, S. A., AlShehri, A. H., AlNasser, F. A., AlHomaidhi, S. M., et al. (2023). Literature Review on Diagnostic and Management Approach of Anodontia. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Allied Sciences, 12(1), 106-109. https://doi.org/10.51847/MLRKb4kzVC
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