2020 Volume 9 Issue 2
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Postoperative Healing in Renal Failure Patients after Teeth Extraction

Mohammed Alghamdi, Lojain Bassyoni

Aim: To compare the postoperative course between the CRF patients and the control group in terms of postoperative pain, bleeding, and healing.

Materials and Methods: Prospective cohort study. Study group: CRF patients referred for dental extraction who fit the inclusion criteria. Control group: healthy patients referred for teeth extraction. Perioperative management was recorded, and postoperative pain, bleeding, and healing were assessed on postoperative days 2, 4, and 7 as outcomes.

Results: forty patients were included in the study. Demographic variables were comparable between control and study patients; pain, bleeding, and healing were not statistically different between the two groups. Only the number of dialysis sessions per week was linked to improved healing in the study group.

Conclusion: When prophylactic antibiotic and local hemostatic measures are used in CRF patients undergoing extraction, postoperative healing is comparable with healthy controls. Within the CRF group number of hemodialysis sessions per week is linked to improved healing outcomes.

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