Sexual Dysfunction Related to Multiple Sclerosis: Literature Review

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Multiple sclerosis is a common autoimmune disorder that affects young individuals. Sexual dysfunction among those populations has recently gained the researcher's attention since the finding of the higher prevalence of sexual dysfunction than general populations. Several articles have addressed the causality, but the exact etiology remains unclear. We aimed in this article to review the causality, prevalence, impact, and management of sexual dysfunction in multiple sclerosis. We used the PubMed database and searched for relevant articles on the topic. We used the following MeSh words: Multiple sclerosis, Sexual dysfunction, Erectile dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction is significantly prevalent among multiple sclerosis patients compared to the general population. It leads to impaired self-esteem and affects the sexual quality and overall quality of life. Therefore, due to being underdiagnosed and undertreated condition, the clinician must address this issue with the patient encounter soon after the diagnosis and continue on follow-up visits. Several therapeutic approaches have been proposed, including counseling, pharmacotherapy, and implantable devices.

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Alhazmi SMA, Alabbas FMA, Alyami HSA, Alharbi EME, Alilwit AOF, Ghamri MS, et al. Sexual Dysfunction Related to Multiple Sclerosis: Literature Review. Int J Pharm Res Allied Sci. 2022;11(1):6-10.
Alhazmi, S. M. A., Alabbas, F. M. A., Alyami, H. S. A., Alharbi, E. M. E., Alilwit, A. O. F., Ghamri, M. S., Alghamdi, A. S. S., Alruwaili, S. R., Alghamdi, O. M., Alshahrani, O. M., et al. (2022). Sexual Dysfunction Related to Multiple Sclerosis: Literature Review. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Allied Sciences, 11(1), 6-10.