Siberian Plants and Natural Mineral Salts for Dietary Supplements

Valery Sergun , Burkova Valentina , Valeriy Poznyakovsky , Boisjoni Tokhiriyon


With the increasing consumption of dietary supplements, Russian producers looked for ways to utilise Siberian plants and minerals, which have been traditionally employed by the local population to increase energy and vitality. The new dietary supplement made with such valuable active ingredients as Siberian cranberry, burdock root, marsh cinquefoi and natural mineral salts found in Siberian lakes possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The ingredients, formula and the production process of the dietary supplement were tested in Biolit Research and Production Company (Tomsk city). To assess the effectiveness of the dietary supplement, 75 patients were prescribed daily amplipulse therapy with electrode pads soaked in 2% solution made from the dietary supplement. Clinical evidence was evaluated and confirmed the positive trends in gastric motor activity, gastric juice acidity and the overall healing process. The encapsulated powder form of the dietary supplement proved to be easy to use and can be recommended for both healthcare facilities and home treatment.

How to cite:
Sergun V, Valentina B, Poznyakovsky V, Tokhiriyon B. Siberian Plants and Natural Mineral Salts for Dietary Supplements. Int j pharm res allied sci. 2021;10(2):108-15.
Sergun, V., Valentina, B., Poznyakovsky, V., & Tokhiriyon, B. (2021). Siberian Plants and Natural Mineral Salts for Dietary Supplements. International Journal Of Pharmaceutical Research And Allied Sciences, 10(2),108-115.