Technology of Production and Recipe of Meat Paste with a Protein Supplement

Kudryashov Leonid , Diachkova Anna , Tretyakova Irina , Tikhonov Sergey , Tikhonova Natalya , Mozzherina Irina


This article was aimed to develop an antioxidant meat paste using a protein supplement from lupine seeds enriched with selenium and obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis. It was established that the content of selenium, flavonoids, and antioxidant activity in lupine seeds when they are germinated in a solution of sodium selenite with the use of red light after three days is significantly higher. Therefore, technology and recipe of meat paste using a protein preparation has been developed. It has been established that the partial replacement of raw meat in the paste formulation with a protein supplement has a positive effect on the appearance, color, smell, texture, taste, and structure of the product. There is proven feasibility of a separate introduction of a protein supplement and an aromatic additive at the stage of cutting raw meat materials. Based on the studies, the storage periods and storage modes of sterilized canned meat and vegetable pastes were established: 18 months, at a temperature from 0 to 20 °C and φ ≤ 75%, as well as regulated quality indicators of meat products. 100 g of the product contains up to 15% of the daily requirement of an adult in selenium and up to 10% in flavonoids, which makes it possible to attribute the developed paste to antioxidant functional foods. So, it can be recommended for use in the food industry.

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