The Study of the Herbal Product Quality and Effectiveness

Olga Pozdnyakova , Galina Belavina , Boisjoni Tokhiriyon , Valentina Lapina , Irina Reznichenko , Valeriy Poznyakovsky


Our extensive testing resulted in the following qualitative and quantitative composition for a new biologically active herbal product (the dietary supplement). One mg capsule contains: L-lysine - 200; oxycinnamic acids - 1.5; vitamin C - 35; polysaccharides, not less than 2.1; caffeine, not less than 10; salicin, not less than 6; zinc - 7.5; quercetin - 7.5; rutin - 7.5; vitamin E - 3.5; thiamine - 0.15; folic acid 0.02; cyanocobalamin - 0.00045. These components possess the necessary substances and biochemical characteristics for the new dietary supplement to be used in strengthening the immune system and preventing infectious diseases. A new encapsulation process has been developed that allows several substances, which are usually incompatible due to their differences, to be used in one capsule. To examine the effectiveness, patients with acute respiratory infections were given the dietary supplement and clinical evidence was gathered. The patients administered 1 capsule of the dietary supplement twice a day demonstrated a noticeable reduction in the severity of the symptoms and the shortened acute phase. The new dietary supplement underwent the certification procedure according to ISO 9001:2000, proved to comply with GMP standard, the sanitary-epidemiological certificate was obtained and the mandatory State Registration was completed. The dietary supplement was tested in the scientific research-to-production facilities of Art-Life Scientific Production Association (Tomsk city), to ensure quality.

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Pozdnyakova O, Belavina G, Tokhiriyon B, Lapina V, Reznichenko I, Poznyakovsky V. The Study of the Herbal Product Quality and Effectiveness. Int j pharm res allied sci. 2021;10(2):84-9.
Pozdnyakova, O., Belavina, G., Tokhiriyon, B., Lapina, V., Reznichenko, I., & Poznyakovsky, V. (2021). The Study of the Herbal Product Quality and Effectiveness. International Journal Of Pharmaceutical Research And Allied Sciences, 10(2),84-89.