Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha (-308 G/A) is a Predictor for Development of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Saudi Pregnant Women

Safaa Y. Qusti, Sabah Linjawi, Sherin Bakhashab, Aljohara Alghamdi, Maha Balgoon, Najat A. Alotaibi and et al


Inflammation may play a role in the pathogenesis of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) and also, it is one of the most popular pregnancy complications. The goal of the research was to study the association exists among common many forms in the stimulate area (-308G/A) of the TNF-alpha gene and increased danger for become better of GDM in Saudi pregnant women population.GDM and healthy subjects were genotyped with PCR- RFLP technique. No association was noticed among the TNF-α -308 G/A in different and sensitivity to GDM disease in our Saudi cohort. There was a secondary combination among TNF-α –308 G/A polymorphism in GDM (vs. normal control) (p = 0.605), which its triviality may be caused to survivor agent. The frequency of the -308 A allele (5) and genotype classification was in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (GG, n=54; GA, n=41; AA, n=5).The G-308A various, detected by PCR amplification and Nco-1 digestion, determines the lowest of a restriction site finding in a single band of 107 bp (the (A) allele).  The (A) allele frequencies of the -308 (G/A) TNFα polymorphism were 26% in the GDM group and 29% in the depend subjects, with no significant difference among the two groups may be due to considerable variance in allele frequencies of the polymorphism by BMI quartiles (≥25 kg/m2, for each quartile n=86) with -308G allele transporters had contains a higher BMI than A allele transporters (P=0.000**). Furthermore, considerable was found positively correlated with BMI, age, and children number. CONCLUSION: It could concluded that theTNF-α-308 G>A genotype frequency comparison among patients and control was not statistically significant in the Saudi women and also, the SNP in situation -308 (G/A) for the human. TNF- gene is a dependent danger agent or a predictor for GDM.