2019 Volume 8 Issue 3
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Utilization of Garden Cress Seeds (Lepidium sativum L.) as Natural Source of Protein ‎and Dietary Fiber in Noodles

Hanan M. A. AL-Sayed, Nahla S. Zidan, M. A. Abdelaleem4*‎

The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of garden cress (Lepidium sativum ‎L.) seeds on chemical composition, cooking properties of noodle and antioxidant properties. ‎Garden cress (GC) was added to semolina flour at different levels 5, 10, 15 % (w/w), ‎respectively. The chemical composition, cooking properties and sensory values of these ‎samples were studied. The results showed an increasing level of protein, fat, ash, and fiber ‎of garden cress noodles (GCN) by increasing the level of addition of garden cress (GC); ‎while, a decrease of moisture content was noticed. The cooking quality properties of GCN ‎were improved also by an increased level of garden cress (GC). Garden cress is a good ‎source of phenolic acids, flavonoids compound, and unsaturated fatty acids and for these ‎reasons, garden cress is considered as a functional food for due to health and nutritional ‎values and its high content of protein and dietary fiber‎.

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