Backache: Association with Stature, Posture and Work-Station Ergonomics in Information Technology Professionals-An Analytical Study


The Information technology has been the bane of contention in the present scenario and has been an inevitable part of the life of every citizen in the society. With the improvement in communication, it has brought many health related problems and one among them is the backache. The main aim of the study was to examine the association between the stature, posture and work-station Ergonomics in Information Technology Professionals. One hundred IT professional who had more than 3 years of work experience aged between 20-30 years were surveyed. The anthropometric and workstation measurement were stature, height of tabletop, angle of backrest, position of knees, sitting posture, presence or absence of footrest. The results showed that persons with height of less than 163 cm (21%) and more than 170 cm (72%) suffered backache. But professionals with a height range of 164-169 cm suffered 7% due to many factors. It was concluded that a table top of 75 cm was recommended to persons with all heights which may greatly reduce the risk of backache in the IT professionals.