Inhibiting Effect of Electrochemically Activated Aqueous Solutions on Growth Biofilms

Pogorelova Maria Aleksandrovna , Suvorov Oleg Aleksandrovich , Volozhaninova Svetlana Yurievna , Kozlov Igor Vladimirovich , Panait Artem Igorevich , Pogorelov Aleksandr Grigorievich


This study assessed the impact of the electrochemically activated aqueous solutions (ECA AS) on the growth and formation of the biofilm of lactic acid bacteria (LAB). The effectiveness of biocides produced by the unipolar electrochemical activation of aqueous solutions of sodium chloride was studied. It was found that sequential treatment of the biofilm with catholyte and anolyte (fractions ECA AS) lead to the most pronounced decrease in the growth rate and density of bacteria. The results obtained demonstrate antibacterial efficacy and the possibility of using ECA AS for the prevention and disinfection of aquatic systems, for example, at the enterprises of the agro-industry and the food industry