2016 VOLUME 5 ISSUE 1 supplementary

Investigating the effectiveness of Bowenian family therapy in boredom and forgiveness of individuals affected by extramarital relationships of the spouse


Effects of group training treatment compliance and commitment on reduction of psychological inability (anxiety and depression) in mothers of slow-learner children


Comparison between the quality of life and family functioning of mothers with slow- learner and ordinary children


A Comparative Study of Attachment Relationships: Normal Children and Children with Conduct Disorder (CD) and Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


The inactive music therapy and reduction of the signs of the autism spectrum disorders


Comparing semi-autistic traits in parents of children with autism spectrum disorder and normal children's parents


Studying the relationship between inside-arch and dimensional indices with clinical crowding in the permanent teeth system of the Iranian race


Determination of the Mental Health based on the Need for Intimacy, Selfknowledge, and Ego Strength among the Prisoners of Bandar Abbas City


The Relationship between the Resiliency and Locus of Control (Internal- External) with Suicidal Thoughts in Female High School Students in Sangar


Prediction of various Cosmetic surgeries according to ego strength, object relations and defensive mechanism


On the Effectiveness of the Early Maladaptive Schemas and Social Support on the Level of Mental Health in Female Students with Romantic Relationship


The investigation of relationship between social functioning, sensation seeking and mental hardiness and risky behaviors


Investigating the Effectiveness of Fordyce Happiness Education on Achievement Motivation of Employees of Prisons Organization in Tehran


The effectiveness of storytelling on improving auditory memory of students with reading disabilities in Marivan city


The relationship between task-oriented leadership styles of physical education teachers and psychological self-efficacy of female students


A Comparison of Psychological Capital, Social Capital, Mental Health and Health Literacy among the Mothers of Intellectually Disabled Children with the Mothers of Normal Children


Formation of Cultural Identity of Adolescents in High School in Azerbaijan


Fractional Fuzzy Optimal Control Problem Governed by Fuzzy System