Drug Eluting Therapeutic Contact Lens


Chiral Chemistry in Pharmacology – A Review


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Gold Nanoparticles for Detection of Cancerous Cell: A Review


Floating Drug Delivery System


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Sulfonamido Quinoxalines - Search for Anti-inflammatory Agents


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Synthesis and Characterization of Polylactic acid/Cloisite 30B (MMT) Nanocomposite for Controlled Release of Anticancer Drug Curcumin


Biochemical Changes in Mangifera Indica Linn. Fruit due to Infestation of Scale Insects


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Evaluation of Anti-Ulcer and Anti-Secretory Activity of Hybanthus Enneaspermus


Andrographolide Analogues: Pharmacophore Modeling and 3D QSAR analysis


Anti-Hyperglycemic Activity of Extracts of Leaves of Bauhinia Racemosa Lamk (Family-Caesalpineaceae) on Normal and Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Rats


Local Anaesthetic And Anti-Microbial Activity Of Stem Bark Of Zanthoxylum Tetraspermum Wight & Arn.


Effect of Metal Ions on Antimicrobial Activity of S. Nigrum Against Various Pathogens