Production of Herbal Protein Isolates with the Enzymatic Hydrolysis Technology

Kudryashov Leonid , Diachkova Anna , Tikhonov Sergey , Tikhonova Natalya , Popova Dina , Mozzherina Irina , Erdakova Victoria


The article aims to develop the technology of the production of herbal protein isolates with 41% protein concentration by enzymatic hydrolysis. The technology includes preparing a hydro module from shredded lupine seeds and water in proportion 1:10, hydrolysis of starch with alpha-amylase and glucoamylase, centrifugation, autoclaving of the obtained centrifugate at the temperature of 120-130º С and the pressure of 6х105 Pa for 5-6 hours, cooling it to the temperature of 36º С and hydrolyzing it with trypsin solution in phosphate buffer solution at pH 7.5 for 50-60 minutes, centrifugation, heating and drying at the temperature of 95-100 ºС to get the dry residue concentration of 45% in the protein preparation. Before adding trypsin, it is intensified by blue spectrum light with the luminous flux of 35 µW/cm2. Based on the research, there are regulated quality indicators of protein preparation, storage requirements, and retention periods: retention period of 9 months at the temperature of 0-4 °С with relative humidity not more than 75%.

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