2020 Volume 9 Issue 2
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Stroke-associated comorbidities in Saudi Arabia

Hussain G. Ahmed, Fahad K. Alquwaiay, Hamoud F. AlDhamadi, Faris M. S. alshammari, Dhari A. S. Alquwaiay, Abdulmajeed M. A. Alshammari, Hamoud H. A. Alsunitan

Background: Stroke is a significant health problem worldwide. There is a limited literature regarding stroke in Saudi Arabia. The aim of this work was to estimate the stroke associated comorbidities in Saudi Arabia. Methodology: In this study, data regarding stroke was collected from the King Khalid Hospital-cardiac Centre, Hail Region, Saudi Arabia. In the present study, about 1187 (92%) of the patients had ischemic stroke and 103 (8%) had hemorrhagic stroke. Hypertension was detected in 43.3% of the patients (39.8% were males and 48.2% were females). Diabetes was identified in 42.8% of the patients (40% were males and 47% were females). Dyslipidemia was noticed in 14.7% of the patients (14.5% were males and 15% were females). Conclusion: There is fluctuation in the incidence rates in stroke in Hail region. The most prevalent stroke type was ischemic type with the men more affected than females. Hypertension, Diabetes, and dyslipidemia were the most comorbid conditions associated with stroke in Hail region.

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