2020 Volume 9 Issue 2
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The common histopathological findings of colon biopsies in Northern Saudi Arabia

Fawaz D. Alshammri, Hussain G. Ahmed, Kalid Alshaghdali, Hanan A. Oreiby, Mohamed A. B. Bealy, Emad A. A. Abboh

Background: Colorectal cancer is considered as the most prevalent cancer among men and the third most frequent cancer among women in Saudi Arabia. Consequently, we aimed to assess the common histopathological findings of colon biopsies in Northern Saudi Arabia. Methodology: This study has investigated the histopathological diagnosis of 88 patients subjected for colon and small intestine biopsies, their ages ranging from 18 to 99 years with a mean age of 48 years old at the Department of Pathology at King Khalid Hospital, Hail, Northern Saudi Arabia. Results: Out of the 88 patients, 53(60.2%) were males and 35(39.8%) were females. Diagnoses were reached in 77/88(87.5%) of the patients and could not be ascertained in 11/88(12.5%). Adenocarcinoma was diagnosed in 10/77(13%) of the patients (9/10(90%) in colon-site and 1/9(10%) in the small intestine. Conclusion: Colorectal precancerous and cancerous lesions are relatively prevalent among patients referred to colorectal diagnostic biopsy. There is a substantial percentage of inflammatory bowel cases among those referred to colorectal biopsies in Saudi Arabia.

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