The Effectiveness and Functional Properties of the Plant-Based Dietary Supplement in Complex Respiratory System Diseases Therapy

Pozdnyakova Olga Georgievna , Kazakova Maria Andreevna , Boisjoni Tokhiriyon , Donskova Lyudmila Aleksandrovna


The clinical trial aimed to study the effectiveness of a dietary supplement for respiratory system diseases therapy. Children underwent treatment during both acute and convalescent stages, and in addition to their primary treatment received the plant-based dietary supplement. The new plant-based dietary supplement with ingredients possessing synergetic properties was developed to supplement the normal diet and help correct metabolism disorders in the case of respiratory diseases. The ingredients for the new dietary supplement include echinacea purpurea, Vitamin C, rutin, zinc, and selenium. The consistent manufacturing process used to produce the new dietary supplement ensures that the contents are protected against adverse conditions, with the contents delivered and released at controlled rates and under specific conditions. The study of the effectiveness and the functional properties of the plant-based dietary supplement was undertaken.  Children aged from 1 to 3 and treated for respiratory diseases were given ½ capsule twice a day, children aged from 3 to 7 took 1 capsule twice a day and children aged from 7 to 14 took 1 capsule three times a day as a supplement in addition to their primary medical treatment. At the same time, the children from the control group underwent only primary medical treatment. The clinical trial lasted from 10 to 14 days. During the clinical trial, regular laboratory tests and chest X-rays were carried out, and such symptoms of acute respiratory illnesses like nasal congestion, hyperaemia, sore throat, cough, wheeze as well as their duration were carefully studied. The consumption of the plant-based dietary supplement resulted in faster symptoms easing and helped relieve cough, wheeze, and nasal congestion. The data received indicates the boost to the immune response, strengthening of the immune system as a result of taking the plant-based dietary supplement. The plant-based dietary supplement is noted to be safe and it does not cause any adverse effects. The directions for use are developed. The mandatory State Registration is completed and the supplement is produced in the scientific research-to-production facilities of the Art-Life Scientific Production Association (Tomsk city).

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