2022 VOLUME 11 ISSUE 3

Efficacy and Safety of Combination Therapy of Zinc and Silver Oxide Nanoparticles in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats Views: 70 Downloads: 19


Frequency of Hepatitis C Infection in Hospital Patients in Ha'il, KSA: A Retrospective Analysis Views: 51 Downloads: 14


Plant-Based Dietary Supplements and Antler Products for Prevention and Treatment of Age-Related Diseases: Efficacy Study Views: 78 Downloads: 19


Hematological and Biochemical Changes among Visceral Leishmaniasis (Kala-Azar) Patients Under Sodium Stibogluconate (SSG) and Ambisome Therapy Views: 52 Downloads: 12


Simultaneous Estimation of Nebivolol Hydrochloride and Hydrochlorothiazide in Tablets Views: 59 Downloads: 21


Relationship between Learning Style and Academic Performance among the Generation Z Students in Kuala Lumpur Views: 1138 Downloads: 112


Bullet Vascular Injury at a Pediatric Age: A Two-Case Report from Saudi Arabia Views: 32 Downloads: 10


Stress among Teachers in Virtual Classrooms Working in the Higher Education Sector during the COVID-19 Outbreak Views: 58 Downloads: 13


Assessment of Knowledge, Awareness and Practices about Periodontal Disease among Secondary School Teachers Views: 56 Downloads: 15


The Use of the New Dietary Supplement with Lake Salts in Treating Primary Dysmenorrhea Views: 58 Downloads: 10


Awareness, Perceived Risk, and Protective Behavior Towards Covid-19 Among Undergraduate Students of Delhi and NCR, India Views: 55 Downloads: 14


Contributing Clinical Presentation, Risk Factors, and Outcomes for Diabetic Ketoacidosis Patients: A Single-Center Retrospective Study Views: 150 Downloads: 21


Thymoquinone Prevents Doxorubicin-induced Hepatic-injury by Mitigating the Impairment of Mitochondrial Respiration and Electron Transport Views: 60 Downloads: 15


Ethnic Differences in Bone Mass and Vitamin D status in Young Women Living in the UK Views: 37 Downloads: 11


Snakebite Envenoming: A Comprehensive Review on Epidemiology, Diagnosis, Potential Treatments Role of Proteomics and Bioinformatics Views: 66 Downloads: 18


The Association of Physical Activity with Academic Performance Among Medical Students at King Abdulaziz University, a Cross-Sectional Study Views: 109 Downloads: 24


Coronary Artery Calcium Score: Current Efficacy of Cardiac CT in Patients at Hail Region, Saudi Arabia Views: 57 Downloads: 13


Comparison of Vaccine Acceptance between COVID- 19 and Seasonal Influenza among Pregnant Women, in Saudi Arabia Views: 96 Downloads: 24


An Overview of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss: Systematic Review Views: 68 Downloads: 15