Impact of a Healthy Lifestyle on the Psychological Well-being of University Students

Hanawi S. A., Saat N. Z. M., Zulkafly M., Hazlenah H., Taibukahn N. H., Yoganathan D., Abdul Rahim N. N., Mohd Bashid N. A. A., Abdul Aziz F. A., Low F. J.


Health can influence eating habits and also mental and social well-being. This cross-sectional study was conducted to determine the relationship between healthy lifestyle and stress among 173 university students using Simple Lifestyle Indicator Questionnaire (SLIQ) and Depression, Anxiety and Stress Score-42 (DASS-42) to measure their emotional states of depression, anxiety and stress. The results indicated that 71.8% were categorized as having an unhealthy lifestyle and 28.2% an intermediate lifestyle. Based on the SLIQ stress domain, 50.7% are stressed. Based on DASS score, 46.8% have anxiety. There was a statistically significant difference in healthy lifestyle score between various types of residences (F=3.929, p<0.05). The conclusion is that students with poor lifestyles have higher anxiety, depression and stress. The implication of this study is that universities should provide healthy activities to encourage healthy lifestyle practices by students.

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