2024 Volume 13 Issue 2
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Tamsulosin Off-Label Use in Kidney Stones: Review and Survey

  1. College of Pharmacy, Howard University, Washington, DC 20059, United States.

This study investigates the effectiveness and healthcare perceptions of Tamsulosin, an off-label medication for kidney stone management. Despite the documented benefits, the quest for alternative treatments like Tamsulosin persists, driven by its advantages and patient satisfaction levels. This research includes a literature review and a survey of pharmacy students’ opinions on Tamsulosin, aiming to bridge the knowledge gap. This study, which involved 38 first-year professional pharmacy students, achieved a 92% response rate. The research used questionnaire that collected demographic information and assessed participants' knowledge and opinions using a Likert scale, which was integrated into a drug informatics course. We analyzed the responses using SPSS software, utilizing descriptive and chi-square statistical methods. The survey, completed by 38 participants, revealed discrepancies between current treatment practices and the students' understandings. Despite Tamsulosin's documented efficacy in facilitating stone passage, significant skepticism exists about its use without FDA approval. The research showed varied levels of understanding and skepticism towards off-label use among the students. Moreover, 70.3% of respondents recognized Tamsulosin's potential for managing kidney stones, despite its lack of FDA approval, indicating a cautious yet acknowledging attitude towards non-approved drug use for organ rejection. There's a noted need for improved education and the dissemination of evidence-based guidelines in clinical practice. The study uncovers varied knowledge and perceptions among healthcare professionals and pharmacy students regarding Tamsulosin's use in kidney stone management. The gap between clinical evidence and survey participants' awareness underscores the importance of further research and education to align clinical practices with evidence-based guidelines.

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Taah V, Hailemeskel B. Tamsulosin Off-Label Use in Kidney Stones: Review and Survey. Int J Pharm Res Allied Sci. 2024;13(2):80-5. https://doi.org/10.51847/ldaNohog8t
Taah, V., & Hailemeskel, B. (2024). Tamsulosin Off-Label Use in Kidney Stones: Review and Survey. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Allied Sciences, 13(2), 80-85. https://doi.org/10.51847/ldaNohog8t
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