2024 VOLUME 13 ISSUE 1

Natural Remedies for Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Review of Medicinal Plants and Their Therapeutic Potential Views: 63 Downloads: 24


The Maneuver of Psychobiotics in the Medical Aid of Clinical Depression Views: 85 Downloads: 20


Mining of Gene Modules and Identification of Key Genes for Early Diagnosis of Gastric Cancer Views: 49 Downloads: 12


GC-MS Analysis of Bioactive Compounds in Methanolic Extracts of Stem and Seed Samples of Distimake spp. Views: 46 Downloads: 15


Tissue Culture Based Conservation Strategies for Litsea cubeba (Lours.) Pers: A Medicinally Importance Plant Views: 40 Downloads: 15


Incidence of Parasitic Infections Among Individuals Living in Rural Areas of Delta State: Abraka Communities Views: 34 Downloads: 14