2022 VOLUME 11 ISSUE 1

An Overview on Klinefelter’s: Clinical Features and Management in Pediatric Population Views: 145 Downloads: 24


Sexual Dysfunction Related to Multiple Sclerosis: Literature Review Views: 73 Downloads: 26


An Overview on Evaluation of Wrist Ganglion Cysts Diagnostic and Management Approach Views: 109 Downloads: 27


An Overview on Endodontic Irrigation Solution Role in Management Views: 98 Downloads: 26


Smoking Cessation Interventions in Primary Healthcare Settings Views: 116 Downloads: 21


An Overview on the Evaluation and Management of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome/Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis Views: 67 Downloads: 17


Review on Pneumothorax Diagnostic and Management Approach in Emergency Department Views: 102 Downloads: 21


Review on Chronic Kidney Disease Follow up in Primary Health Care Views: 48 Downloads: 12


Detoxification of Gunja Seeds with Ex Vivo Study Views: 120 Downloads: 14


Lysine - an Absolutely Essential Amino Acid in Soybean Proteins from the Russian Selection Views: 72 Downloads: 13


Rational Pharmacotherapy of Respiratory Diseases in the COVID-19 Pandemic Views: 81 Downloads: 14


Synthesis, Tautomerism Study, Antimicrobial Evaluation and Cytotoxicity of Some New Bis(Arylazo)-Terpyrazoles Views: 45 Downloads: 15


Sida cordifolia - an Update on Its Traditional Use, Phytochemistry, and Pharmacological Importance Views: 137 Downloads: 23


Screening of Phytochemicals against Osteoporosis: Molecular Docking and Simulation-Based Computational Approaches Views: 61 Downloads: 18


Development and Characterization of Niosomal Gel for Topical Delivery of Luliconazole Views: 96 Downloads: 26


Development of Coordination Abilities with the Help of the Burpee Exercise Views: 75 Downloads: 12


Practice, Perception and Satisfaction Regarding Mammography among Saudi Females Views: 72 Downloads: 19


Urinary Complications among Women with Cystoceles: A Systematic Review Views: 139 Downloads: 20