Issue 1 Volume 11 (2022)

An Overview on Klinefelter’s: Clinical Features and Management in Pediatric Population
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Written by Asma Ayed Alanazi   Published On Issue 1 Vol 11, 2022
Klinefelter syndrome is the most common sex chromosome disorder, with a prevalence of 1 in every 660 males, and despite being so prevalent, less than 30% of cases do ever get diagnosed. This is due to the very heterogeneous phenotypic presentations of the patients; failure in early identification of these patients can have dire consequences on those individuals’ overall health and life quality as it is a major cause of primary hypogonadism and subsequent infertility, in addition to the inc
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Sexual Dysfunction Related to Multiple Sclerosis: Literature Review
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Written by Shahad Mohammed Awad Alhazmi   Published On Issue 1 Vol 11, 2022
Multiple sclerosis is a common autoimmune disorder that affects young individuals. Sexual dysfunction among those populations has recently gained the researcher's attention since the finding of the higher prevalence of sexual dysfunction than general populations. Several articles have addressed the causality, but the exact etiology remains unclear. We aimed in this article to review the causality, prevalence, impact, and management of sexual dysfunction in multiple sclerosis. We us
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An Overview on Evaluation of Wrist Ganglion Cysts Diagnostic and Management Approach
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Written by Maha Ali Alturki   Published On Issue 1 Vol 11, 2022
The most common soft tissue bulge in the hand and wrist is a ganglion cyst. Any age group can develop ganglion cysts, although they are seen more frequently in those in their 20s to 40s. Aside from enlargement, most ganglion cysts are painless. The majority of patients sought guidance and therapy because they felt self-conscious about their ganglion's appearance or were frightened that it was a cancerous growth. The management options of ganglion cyst range from reassurance and nonsurgical t
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An Overview on Endodontic Irrigation Solution Role in Management
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Written by Sultan Timah M Alshammari   Published On Issue 1 Vol 11, 2022
The main objective of endodontic treatment is the total removal of any necrotic tissues and microorganisms along with their byproducts found within the infected root canal to treat and prevent the recolonization of these micrbad oorganisms. To date, no known irrigant has a 100% elimination rate on microorganisms, many combinations of irrigates have been suggested, and care must be taken to their mixing interaction and side effects. The irrigant of choice varies from one practitioner to another,
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Smoking Cessation Interventions in Primary Healthcare Settings
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Written by Sarah Rushdi Khunfur   Published On Issue 1 Vol 11, 2022
In the United States, tobacco use, mostly cigarette smoking, is the primary cause of preventable disease and death. It is commonly known that smoking raises the risk of a variety of cancers, including lung, liver, and colorectal cancers. Smokers account for 85% of lung cancer cases. Quitting smoking has been shown to lessen the risk of having a smoking-related disease among active smokers. A combination of therapy and one or more drugs is more helpful than either counseling or medication alone i
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An Overview on the Evaluation and Management of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome/Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis
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Written by Ahmed Othman Almadfaa   Published On Issue 1 Vol 11, 2022
One of the rare dermatological illnesses that might cause a medical emergency is SJS/TEN. SJS/TEN trigger an aggressive immune reaction to destroy the epithelium of the skin and mucous membranes. They are life-threatening mucocutaneous responses with death rates as high as 30% and a wide range of acute and chronic morbidities. Therefore, early detection and adequate and early treatment can save the patient's life. To review the evaluation of SJS/TEN clinical manifestations and the different
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Review on Pneumothorax Diagnostic and Management Approach in Emergency Department
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Written by Faisal Abdulaziz Almulhim   Published On Issue 1 Vol 11, 2022
Pneumothorax is an emergency that must be addressed immediately. It is divided into secondary pneumothorax and primary pneumothorax. A secondary pneumothorax occurs because of the presence of an existing lung illness but primary pneumothorax occurs without any evidence that the patient is suffering from any significant lung disease and it also occurs without any apparent cause. The spontaneous type occurs without an apparent cause in healthy people. The Medline, Pubmed, Embase, NCBI, and Co
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Review on Chronic Kidney Disease Follow up in Primary Health Care
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Written by Ihtifal Salamh Albanqi   Published On Issue 1 Vol 11, 2022
Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) refers to a host of different kidney structures and function disorders. It represents a global health issue for people that must be controlled in its first stages according to its 2002 guidelines for defining and classifying. This disease management is categorized based on intensity levels, evaluated from Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR), clinical diagnosis (cause and pathology), and albuminuria. Routine laboratory tests can be used to detect CKD. There are therapies
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Detoxification of Gunja Seeds with Ex Vivo Study
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Written by Nikita Kale   Published On Issue 1 Vol 11, 2022
Seeds of Abrus precatorius linn. (fabaceae) are used in different Ayurvedic therapeutics. Since they are poisonous, they are processed with various media like Godugdha (cow’s milk), Kanji (sour gruel), Nimbu Swarasa (Lemon Juice), etc. before being incorporated into the Ayurvedic formulations. This study investigates the use of Gomutra (Cow Urine), normal saline (NaCl), and water as detoxification media. A stainless-steel vessel with a dolayantra was used to immerse the seeds for 3 hours o
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Lysine - an Absolutely Essential Amino Acid in Soybean Proteins from the Russian Selection
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Written by Sergey Nizkii   Published On Issue 1 Vol 11, 2022
The study aims to evaluate the content of lysine, a valuable and important amino acid for food and feed purposes in the protein composition of soybean grain in varieties bred in the Federal Scientific Centre of All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Soybean (Russian Federation) from 2003 to 2021. Lysine is the first limiting amino acid which is essential for normal metabolism of proteins from food and feed. If this amino acid is not sufficient, no matter how much protein is ingested in hum
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Rational Pharmacotherapy of Respiratory Diseases in the COVID-19 Pandemic
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Written by Lutsak Iryna   Published On Issue 1 Vol 11, 2022
The purpose of this article is to draw attention to the treatment of respiratory diseases in the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, we want to address the issue of vaccination, to pay attention to the incidence of disease among children. The design of this study was longitudinal. For this purpose, we use articles and studies from English-language sources, such as UpToDate, as well as peer-reviewed scientific articles from medical journals and the results of surveys of outpatient medical practitione
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Synthesis, Tautomerism Study, Antimicrobial Evaluation and Cytotoxicity of Some New Bis(Arylazo)-Terpyrazoles
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Written by Farag Altalbawy   Published On Issue 1 Vol 11, 2022
The chemistry of α-(arylhydrazono)-β-ketoaldehydes has recently received considerable attention and they are frequently employed as synthons in organic synthesis and their structural features are part of biologically active compounds. Thus, the present studies research describe the novel series synthesis of 3,3'-(5-methyl-1-phenyl-1H-pyrazole-3,4-diyl)bis(2-arylhydrazono-3-oxo-propanal) 3a-i via coupling reactions of sodium 3,3'-(5-methyl-1-phenyl-1H-pyrazole-3,4-diyl)bis(3-ox
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Sida cordifolia - an Update on Its Traditional Use, Phytochemistry, and Pharmacological Importance
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Written by Nagarajan Srinivasan   Published On Issue 1 Vol 11, 2022
Drugs derived from natural sources have been a vital part of drug discovery for centuries. Many of the most successful drugs on the market today are derived from natural sources. Traditional knowledge or the traditional system of medicines is often used to select the most appropriate sources for drug discovery and it is a valuable tool in the search for new lead molecules. In Ayurveda, Sida cordifolia L (SC) is regarded as a highly effective medicinal plant and most of its parts have been tradit
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Screening of Phytochemicals against Osteoporosis: Molecular Docking and Simulation-Based Computational Approaches
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Written by Bandar Hamad Aloufi   Published On Issue 1 Vol 11, 2022
Osteoporosis is a skeletal disorder characterized by low bone mineral density and microarchitecture deterioration, which may result in fragility and fracture risk. Osteoporosis mostly affects postmenopausal women but elderly men may also be affected. It is a silent disease and reveals at the time of fracture. It is the most prevalent bone disease in the world. Currently, there is no cure available for osteoporosis. Through a literature survey, an association is found between the overexpressed ge
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Development and Characterization of Niosomal Gel for Topical Delivery of Luliconazole
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Written by Vibhavari Makarand Chatur   Published On Issue 1 Vol 11, 2022
Luliconazole is a novel imidazole antibacterial candidate for treating fungal infections on the skin. Its current treatment is limited by extremely poor and sluggish skin absorption, necessitating long-term, repetitive dosing to cure the condition completely. Niosomes are becoming essential in medication delivery due to their potential to minimize toxicity and alter pharmacokinetics and bioavailability. Luliconazole niosomes were created utilizing a thin-film hydration process with varied ratios
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Development of Coordination Abilities with the Help of the Burpee Exercise
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Written by Georgiy Georgievich Polevoy   Published On Issue 1 Vol 11, 2022
This paper aim s to determine the influence of the «Burpee» exercise on the indicators of endurance and coordination abilities in children aged 15-16. The pedagogical experiment was carried out based on a comprehensive school, in the city of Kirov, Russia. The study involved children 15-16 years old in the amount of 52 people. During the study period, 30 physical education lessons were held in each class. Children from the control group were engaged in the usual program, and children
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Practice, Perception and Satisfaction Regarding Mammography among Saudi Females
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Written by Bandar Salem Mana Alhindi   Published On Issue 1 Vol 11, 2022
The leading cause of death for women in developing nations is breast cancer. Mammography is a reliable screening technique for detecting breast cancer in its early stages. To measure Saudi females' satisfaction, perception, and level of practice regarding their mammography experience. Between January 2021 and March 2021, a descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted. Participants' information was gathered using an electronic pre-structured questionnaire. Through the use of social med
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Urinary Complications among Women with Cystoceles: A Systematic Review
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Written by Hatim T. O. Ali   Published On Issue 1 Vol 11, 2022
Cystoceles result from a pelvic-floor support system that is not strong enough. This systematic review aims to study the urinary complications in women with cystoceles, especially SUI, and the complication following surgical repair. PubMed, Web of Science, Science Direct, EBSCO, and Scopus were searched. Study articles were screened by title and abstract using Rayyan QCRI then a full-text assessment was implemented. Thirteen studies were included, with a total of 1043 women with cystoceles and u
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