2022 VOLUME 11 ISSUE 1

An Overview on Klinefelter’s: Clinical Features and Management in Pediatric Population


Sexual Dysfunction Related to Multiple Sclerosis: Literature Review


An Overview on Evaluation of Wrist Ganglion Cysts Diagnostic and Management Approach


An Overview on Endodontic Irrigation Solution Role in Management


Smoking Cessation Interventions in Primary Healthcare Settings


An Overview on the Evaluation and Management of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome/Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis


Review on Pneumothorax Diagnostic and Management Approach in Emergency Department


Review on Chronic Kidney Disease Follow up in Primary Health Care


Detoxification of Gunja Seeds with Ex Vivo Study


Lysine - an Absolutely Essential Amino Acid in Soybean Proteins from the Russian Selection


Rational Pharmacotherapy of Respiratory Diseases in the COVID-19 Pandemic


Synthesis, Tautomerism Study, Antimicrobial Evaluation and Cytotoxicity of Some New Bis(Arylazo)-Terpyrazoles


Sida cordifolia - an Update on Its Traditional Use, Phytochemistry, and Pharmacological Importance


Screening of Phytochemicals against Osteoporosis: Molecular Docking and Simulation-Based Computational Approaches


Development and Characterization of Niosomal Gel for Topical Delivery of Luliconazole


Development of Coordination Abilities with the Help of the Burpee Exercise


Practice, Perception and Satisfaction Regarding Mammography among Saudi Females