2023 VOLUME 12 ISSUE 1

Molecular Docking and the Pharmacokinetic Properties of the Anti-Viral Compounds Towards SARS-CoV- An In-silico Approach Views: 100 Downloads: 41


Assessing Measles Vaccination Coverage in Children Under Five Years of Age in Developing Country Views: 46 Downloads: 21


Chemometric-Assisted UV-Spectrophotometric Method for Quantification of Novel Anti-Tubercular Liquisolid Formulation Views: 55 Downloads: 31


Use and Success Rate of Lasers in the Treatment of Gingival Melanin Pigmentation: A Systematic Review Views: 39 Downloads: 16


Oral Contraceptive Use and its Association with Depression among Women in Taif, Saudi Arabia Views: 50 Downloads: 16


Effect of Smokeless Tobacco (Mishri) Application on Periodontal Health and Correlation to the Duration of Use Views: 34 Downloads: 16


Immune-Markers in GallBladder Lesions and their Clinico-Diagnostic and Prognostic Significance - An Overview Views: 35 Downloads: 14


In-silico Prediction of Maximum Binding Affinity of Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs with Homo sapiens Acrosomal Protein SP-10 Views: 28 Downloads: 15


The Use of Medicinal Herbs to Treat Male Infertility in Jordan: Evidence-Based Review Views: 78 Downloads: 17


A Review on Methods Developed for Estimation of Paracetamol in Combination with Other Drugs Views: 48 Downloads: 18


Review on Diagnosis and Management of Cauda Equina Views: 55 Downloads: 15


Review on Diagnosis and Management Approach of Multiple Sclerosis Views: 46 Downloads: 14


Literature Review on Diagnostic and Management Approach of Anodontia Views: 45 Downloads: 12


Healthy Schools Framework in Saudi Arabia: A Narrative Review Views: 22 Downloads: 10


Clinical Evaluation and Standardization of Image Quality and Technical Protocols for Special Radiological Procedures Views: 31 Downloads: 8


Carbapenem Resistance Mechanisms, Carbapenemase Genes Dissemination, and Laboratory Detection Methods: A Review Views: 31 Downloads: 13