2023 VOLUME 12 ISSUE 4

Pharmaceutical Cocrystals a Patentable Composition - A Review Views: 168 Downloads: 74


Association of Parents Sociodemographic Factors and Seden-tary Behaviors with TV Screen Time Among Pre-School Children Views: 123 Downloads: 46


Speed, Strength, and Explosive Power: Effect of Circuit Training and Weight Training on Sprinters of Hyderabad District Views: 97 Downloads: 32


Rhus succedanea Linn: An Update of Its Indigenous Uses, Phytochemistry, and Pharmacology Views: 87 Downloads: 13


Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): Contemporary Insights intoitsEpidemiology, Pathophysiology, and Therapeutic Approaches Views: 105 Downloads: 28


Distribution of Hemoglobinopathies among Premarital Couples in Al Majmaah, Saudi Arabia Views: 91 Downloads: 29


In Vitro Alpha Amylase Inhibitory Effect of Selected Medicinal Plants Views: 80 Downloads: 27


Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Some Novel Hybrid Quinazolinone–Piperazine Derivatives as Anti-Microbial Agents Views: 74 Downloads: 23


Leaves of Capparis cartilaginea Exhibit a Promising Antidiabetic Activity in Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Rats Views: 136 Downloads: 27


Drug-Resistant Epilepsy; An Overview on Management and Treatment Views: 112 Downloads: 35


Analysis of Ground Water at Ganderbal Area of Kashmir, India Views: 44 Downloads: 14


Investigating Semaglutide in Adult Patients on Body Weight Compared with Other GLP-1 Drugs Views: 121 Downloads: 44


Exposure to Workplace Incivility During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Turnover Intentions Among Nursing Professionals Views: 61 Downloads: 16


Individual Antibacterial Activity of Black Seed, Clove, and Myrrh Various Extracts Against Different Bacterial Strains Views: 55 Downloads: 11


The Preclinical and Clinical Applications of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Stroke Views: 33 Downloads: 6


Biocompatible Withania somnifera Selenium Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Characterization, and Biological Applications Views: 8 Downloads: 3