2023 VOLUME 12 ISSUE 2

Pharmacology Lecture Classes with Powerpoint Presentation: Perception of Phase II Medical Students Views: 375 Downloads: 160


Evaluation of Chromogenic Agar Media for Isolation, Identification and Direct Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing of Uropathogens Views: 231 Downloads: 128


Influence of Image Editing Practices and Social Media on Seeking Cosmetic Skin Care, Al-Jouf, Saudi Arabia Views: 163 Downloads: 76


Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Possible Transmission Routes and Alleviation Strategies Views: 204 Downloads: 99


Updates on the Association between Obesity and Migraine: Systematic Review of Observational Studies Views: 165 Downloads: 85


Methyl-Prednisolone and Betamethasone Induced Iatrogenic Cushing Syndrome - A Rare Case Report Views: 195 Downloads: 107


Analysis of the Russian Market of Biologically Active Supplements Views: 172 Downloads: 66


Cardiovascular Safety in the Treatment of Chronic Rheumatic Pathologies Views: 212 Downloads: 68


Assessment of Quality of Life of Lung Cancer Patients Using Eortc QLQ-13 in Pakistan Views: 112 Downloads: 61


Assessment of the Pituitary Gland by MRI in Patients with Different Prolactin Levels in Hail Region Views: 101 Downloads: 54


Study on Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Medical Imaging Emphasizes MRI: A Systematic Literature Review Views: 133 Downloads: 53


Prevalence of Using Medicinal and Edible Plants During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Taif-Saudi Arabia Views: 138 Downloads: 57


The Use of Microcomputed Tomography to Study the Anatomical Features of the Body Views: 143 Downloads: 46


The Relationship of Mental Processes with the Technical Fitness of Basketball Players Aged 15-16 Views: 121 Downloads: 46


UV-Spectropectrophotometry for Determination of Diazepam by Comparative Estimation of Methods of Calibration Curve and Reference Standard Views: 31 Downloads: 11


A Review of the Association of Obesity and Vitamin D Levels with Childhood Asthma Views: 29 Downloads: 15


A Review of the Psychological Effects of the Spread of the COVID-19 Disease on the Mental Health of the Community Views: 32 Downloads: 9


Supplements with Polyprenols: Assessment of the Russian Market Potential Views: 19 Downloads: 6


A Mini Review Study on Mitochondria and Citrate Synthase Views: 3 Downloads: 1